Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recession Busters

You may not have realized, but I'm a fan of wine. A big fan. I love reading about wine, buying wine and drinking wine. It is part hobby, part obsession, part coping strategy--a luxury (make that necessity) I refuse to give up even in this economy. I've been finding some great bargains recently from Spain (Garnacha) and Argentina (Malbec). What I'd like to know is does anyone have any recommendations for great Pinot Noirs under $20? Under $10? I tried the Poppy Pinot Noir recently and while it was easy drinking, I found myself wishing it were more delicious. I'm trying a Mark West Pinot right now and it's not bad for $8.99 a bottle. I realize Pinot is heartbreaking and difficult to grow and that's one of the reasons the prices are generally so high. I'm used to paying upwards of $3o, which just isn't practical right now. Just wondering if anyone out there has any good suggestions for recession busting Pinot Noir.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What About Helen?

So, it looks like the government is trying to bail out some of the people who are facing foreclosure. All I have to say to that is what about me? When do I get mine, Jack? It is absolutely absurd that I, like most of my friends, have been priced out of the housing market in Southern California because of the real estate bubble. Now my tax dollars are going to go toward helping people who created the bubble and artificially propping up over-inflated housing prices so that I will never be able to buy? How is that fair? Look, I don't want to see anyone lose their home, but why should I be punished for not acting foolishly? If I'd taken out a bad loan on a house I couldn't afford, would someone really bail me out? I seriously doubt it. WTF???

Friday, February 20, 2009

Life As a Stereotype

Ever wonder how other people see you? You know, not your close friends and family, but other people. People who maybe know a little bit about you, casual acquaintances, coworkers, etc. What do they see when they see you? Well recently I had the *good* fortune to find out exactly what people see. Apparently they see a book-loving spinster cat lady. Fuck me. Okay, technically I am a book-loving spinster cat lady, but only in the most literal sense. Sure I like books, have two cats and am a bit past my sell-by date. This does NOT mean I have a house filled with cat figurines and needle point throw pillows of tabbies. Apparently, people assume I do. How did I find this out? Like many of life's little bitch slaps, it came in the form of a Christmas present. I was given a tote bag featuring a cartoon of a cat lounging on a stack of books with a caption that reads: Books. Cats. Life is Good! Oh HELL no! This is one of those times when "it's the thought that counts" only makes it worse since clearly the gift-giver was thinking "what do you get for the tragic spinster?" I take umbrage at this blatant stereotyping. It does not follow that just because you happen to be a spinster librarian with cats you would automatically have/want/like kitschy cat/book themed merchandise of any kind. Still not sure if I should be laughing or crying.