Friday, February 20, 2009

Life As a Stereotype

Ever wonder how other people see you? You know, not your close friends and family, but other people. People who maybe know a little bit about you, casual acquaintances, coworkers, etc. What do they see when they see you? Well recently I had the *good* fortune to find out exactly what people see. Apparently they see a book-loving spinster cat lady. Fuck me. Okay, technically I am a book-loving spinster cat lady, but only in the most literal sense. Sure I like books, have two cats and am a bit past my sell-by date. This does NOT mean I have a house filled with cat figurines and needle point throw pillows of tabbies. Apparently, people assume I do. How did I find this out? Like many of life's little bitch slaps, it came in the form of a Christmas present. I was given a tote bag featuring a cartoon of a cat lounging on a stack of books with a caption that reads: Books. Cats. Life is Good! Oh HELL no! This is one of those times when "it's the thought that counts" only makes it worse since clearly the gift-giver was thinking "what do you get for the tragic spinster?" I take umbrage at this blatant stereotyping. It does not follow that just because you happen to be a spinster librarian with cats you would automatically have/want/like kitschy cat/book themed merchandise of any kind. Still not sure if I should be laughing or crying.

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