Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recession Busters

You may not have realized, but I'm a fan of wine. A big fan. I love reading about wine, buying wine and drinking wine. It is part hobby, part obsession, part coping strategy--a luxury (make that necessity) I refuse to give up even in this economy. I've been finding some great bargains recently from Spain (Garnacha) and Argentina (Malbec). What I'd like to know is does anyone have any recommendations for great Pinot Noirs under $20? Under $10? I tried the Poppy Pinot Noir recently and while it was easy drinking, I found myself wishing it were more delicious. I'm trying a Mark West Pinot right now and it's not bad for $8.99 a bottle. I realize Pinot is heartbreaking and difficult to grow and that's one of the reasons the prices are generally so high. I'm used to paying upwards of $3o, which just isn't practical right now. Just wondering if anyone out there has any good suggestions for recession busting Pinot Noir.

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Sparkle Plenty said...

Hi, Helen! I really love your "Life As A Stereotype" post below. Very funny. Look forward to catching up on your posts here.

Down to business: Why don't you try Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio? I'm enjoying Yellow Tail (Australian wine) merlot and such and haven't tried the Pinot Grigio, definitely meets the affordable criteria.

Hope it works out, and please don't sue me if it's swill!


P.S. Hey! These guys liked its "citrusy nuttiness and pineapply peachiness"! I have zero idea what the heckfire that means, but it could be worse, eh?
P.P.S. Wine talk cracks me up.