Friday, September 19, 2008

Missing Mick!

Finally! I've survived another week and am now safely ensconced on my lovely sofa with with a Sam Adams in one hand and the TiVo remote in the other ready to catch up on the past week's TV offerings! I realize it verges on (okay is) pathetic that this is the highlight of my week, but since I have so little time for myself these days I relish my Friday night ritual. Sure a life would be nice, but my sofa is very comfy! Of course my Friday nights were a helluva lot better this time last year when I could watch the adorable Alex O'Loughlin on Moonlight. Ever since the fall season started, I've been missing my vampire fix so tonight, in addition to catching up with Mad Men and Sarah Connor Chronicles, I'm watching one of the old episodes. I really wish CBS would have given the show a fair shot. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for Alex next year since they were actually smart enough to keep him around. I'm sure he'll be great in whatever it is. And I'll be watching from my lovely sofa.


Kate, Dating in LA said...

I think I love Friday nights the most of any weekend night. There is something so fabulous about closing the door behind me knowing that I can finally relax.

Have no fear! Alex will be back. :)

Helen said...

Kate, There really is something wonderful about knowing you've made it through the week and your time, for a while at least, is truly your own.

MichaelC2B said...

Don't forget to watch Moonlight on Sci-Fi at 9 pm EST - beginning 1/23/09. They are airing the wonderful 16 episodes that we are lucky enough to have, and the DVD preorders are being shipped from Amazon on 1/20/09. January is a good month for Moonlight fans. I watch my recorded ML over and over and never tire of it, and I watch my Alex O'Loughlin movies and The Shield Season 6. After seeing Alex and Moonlight, I was spoiled - once you have seen the best, nothing else will do!
I have not watched CBS since Sonata, but if Alex does have a new show on that net, I will watch for him - but nothing else. Diehard fans like myself have not given up hope for more seasons of Moonlight. We didn't know about the negotiations for the reruns being aired on Sci-Fi until it was announced, so you never know who may be watching the #s of DVDs sold and the viewer #s on Sci-Fi. Maybe someone who wants a hit show that already has millions of fans begging for more will take advantage of such an obvious opportunity to make money and gain some VERY loyal fans.
Alex is a brilliant actor and an Oscar waiting to happen - well, maybe an Emmy first, and wouldn't it be lovely if that was for the continued portrayal of Mick St. John on Moonlight? I will be there for all that Alex does, but it will never be too late for more Moonlight!

Helen said...

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Sci-Fi was going to air Moonlight and I will be watching on the 23rd. I've pre-ordered the DVD as well, though it is dissapointing that there are no special features at all. I really hope to see Alex in something new, though I'm skeptical of CBS.