Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL In Los Angeles

So some of you may have noticed that LA doesn't have an NFL team. Yes, we're one of the largest markets in the country and yet we have no team. Sure, LA fans have been known to be apathetic. Yes, they often leave at the start of the 4th quarter to get a jump on traffic. And it is also true that with so many transplants, the majority of Angelenos are following a team from some other part of the country anyway. So, while many of of us don't actually care that much about LA not having a team, the thing that does bother me is why we can't get better games on TV. Today, for instance, there's one morning game and what do we get? Oakland at Buffalo! Are you fucking kidding me? Who wants to see this crap? I realize the Raider Nation is alive and well in LA, but seriously even they can't think this is going to be a good game! And I do know a couple of Bills fans (apologies to DM and BA) who I'm sure are happy to see their team, but come on! If there were two morning games so we at least had a choice, it wouldn't be a big deal. With no team of our own, we should be able to get the best games every week. And I will admit there aren't a lot of great morning games today, but it seems they are always trying to cram either the Raiders or the Chargers down our throats. I would write a strongly worded letter to Time Warner, but I'm sure it wouldn't do any good. I begged them to let me have NFL Network to no avail. I guess the best solution is for me to switch to DirecTV so I can get NFL Sunday Ticket and see whichever game I want... because life is just too short to spend your Sundays watching crap games (unless of course your team happens to be playing in the crap game...but that's another post!)


Dee Murray said...

Dude. You should have watched the 4th quarter...the Bills rocked! They're a team to be reckoned with this year, my friend! :-) Of course I hate the Raiders which makes the victory more sweet, but I gotta say, I hate the NFL on CBS...Fox's broadcasts are SO much better, but I was just happy to be watchin' my game yesterday!

Helen said...

Yeah, I have to admit I don't have anything against the Bills, I'm just sick to death of the Raiders...and as a Denver fan, well I hate them with every fiber of being! Was very glad to see you guys get the win!