Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Musings on Money and Happiness

Remember that old saying that money can't buy happiness? Total and complete crap. Money can, in fact, buy happiness. I once pointed out on this very blog that money couldn't buy happiness, but it could buy a Marc Jacobs bag. I'm only just realizing that the ability to buy a Marc Jacobs bag was, for me at least, happiness! With the economy in the toilet, the cost of everything going up, up, up and my monthly expenses doubling because my roommate bailed, I have very little discretionary income left. In other words, my fun money is gone, and with it, my fun! Now I know there are many things one can do for low or no cost. Yes, I am a fan of sunsets, museums and all the other lovely things which can be enjoyed without a platinum card. But the truth is, I'm a much bigger fan of collecting wine, fine dining and travel. Plus for me, the real kicker is I don't like my job. The one big upside has always been the fact that I was fairly comfortable financially. The job sucked, but it afforded me the ability to pursue my expensive interests. Since that is no longer the case, it is even more difficult to drag my sorry ass into the office every morning. I realize that the financial melt down means a lot of people have much more serious problems than I do--they've lost jobs, homes, etc., but the reality is that I have giant student loan debts of my own, my savings has gone bye-bye and I'm really not feeling all that secure either. Looks like the party's over on Wall Street as it has been for the rest of us for a while. Sad to say, I think it is going to be one helluva hangover. And now that I no longer have the rationalization that the unhappiness of the job is balanced by the happiness of the things it buys, I have to ask myself what the fuck am I really doing here?


Dee Murray said...

Perhaps you are there in solidarity with other miserable water-treaders keeping them company so they don't lose THEIR ever-loving minds as well? Does misery really love company? Yes. Yes it does.

Helen said...

Dee--Well put, and the beauty is that with this form of misery we do have plenty of company! I must say treading water perfectly describes the situation. I may not be drowning, but I'm not exactly getting anywhere either!